Because no one
should go hungry.


As the world’s largest food distributor, Sysco understands that food on the table is more than a meal. Food is not only one of our most basic needs, but it also stimulates conversation, introduces culture, creativity, and flavor to our palates, and bonds us together in a shared experience. Food is at the forefront of our mission and an integral part of our signature fundraising events like Fork Fight and Epic Chef. Without the food and monetary donations we receive from annual partners like, Sysco, we would not be able to feed the hundreds of thousands of food insecure individuals in our area.

Wells Fargo
On average, mobile pantries bring fresh produce, meat, bread, and shelf-stable groceries to about 250 families each session. Our new annual partners at Wells Fargo have just committed to supporting 15 mobile pantries across Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. Thousands of families will feel their impact as nutritious foods are brought directly into their neighborhoods.

United Healthcare
1 in 4 children across Tampa Bay struggle with hunger daily. Lack of proper nutrition often results in behavioral, academic, and health issues that can be detrimental to a child’s future. Luckily, school food pantries can provide a stable grocery supply for children and families that struggle to make ends meet. With the help of our new annual partners at United Healthcare, Feeding Tampa Bay will be able to start additional school pantries and nourish our future leaders.

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