August 20: Epic Chef – Semi-Final

Are you a fan of Top Chef, cooking, or competitions?

Then get ready for Round 6 of the Epic Chef Showdown!

Round 6 brings about the last round of the semi-finals! Stakes are high as the winner of Round 3 faces off against the winner of Round 4 to see who will advance to the final round of the competition.

Don’t fret if the show is sold out – there are plenty of ways to watch!
Join the watch party at the Epicurean Hotel, follow the live stream on our FB page if you’re on the go, or download the Identity app on Roku or Apple TV if you’re watching from home!

Want more ways to get involved? Text PLATE to 74121 to make a donation to the fight against hunger. Make a donation of $25 or more and be entered to win raffle prizes from the Epicurean, Lightning, and Chef Jeff Philbin! Tune in to the live stream for more details.

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