Blueberry Picking to Fight Hunger


During select dates in April and May, Feeding Tampa Bay volunteers had the opportunity to sign up for volunteer shifts at Frogmore Fresh Farm. Frogmore Fresh is a blueberry farm in Dade City. Frogmore Fresh was looking for ways to get the community involved and give back, and Feeding Tampa Bay was looking for unique opportunities to offer our volunteers. Our needs aligned and our partnership was formed.

On select dates over the past month, Feeding Tampa Bay volunteers had the opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon at the farm in the fresh air. These hunger heroes would weave in and out of rows of blueberry bushes picking the ripest berries from the vine. For each pail of blueberries picked, 45 meals would be provided to the food insecure in Tampa Bay. In total, 489 volunteers harvested 10,413 pounds of blueberries over 11 shifts, providing over 78,090 meals to our community.

Not only did this partnership draw attention to the fresh fruit in our local community, but it also provided meals to those in need. Blueberry picking was a great way for volunteers to re-engage with nature, reconnect with childhood activities, and escape from the hustle of everyday life. We are thankful for our partnership with Frogmore Fresh and grateful for new ways to get the community involved in giving back.