Feeding Minds Aims to Address Child Hunger

250,000 children go hungry in Tampa Bay every day. In Hillsborough County alone, 63% of students receive free or reduced lunches – this means that food is most likely scarce during the weekends and over school breaks. Child hunger doesn’t just effect these young individuals, it effects our entire community. Without access to healthy, nutritious foods, children struggle behaviorally and academically.

To combat this, Feeding Tampa Bay has partnered with Publix and Hillsborough County Public Schools to create a program called Feeding Minds that’s purpose is to nourish our community. Program implementation entailed opening 8 school food pantries over a 2 week period in areas threatened by food insecurity. Students will be able to gather food from the pantry to bring home to their families.

Currently, Feeding Minds is expected to provide hundreds of meals to students and their families every week. “We are really committed to this initiative of feeding these young minds and nourishing our community. We look to sustain this program long-term and continue to grow it into more schools.” Together, we are feeding our future.