Feeding Minds, Nourishing Communities.

A new joint venture called Feeding Minds kicked off last week as a way to tackle child hunger. Feeding Minds is a program created in partnership with Publix Supermarket Charities and Hillsborough County Public Schools that will place food pantries in areas where food insecurity is prevalent for youth. Publix donated $45,000 to start pantries in 8 different schools across Hillsborough County. These pantries will serve as a way for students to get food throughout the day when needed, and to take home over the weekends or on school breaks when food is scarce.

For 63% of students in Hillsborough County Public Schools, food insecurity is a reality. These children receive free or reduced lunches at school and typically do not eat when school is not in session. Food insecurity impacts the lives of these children now and has the potential to impact their lives in the future.

When students don’t receive the nourishment they need, it is difficult for them to learn, perform, and thrive. Feeding Minds aims to serve these children where they are so they can meet their basic need for food. Feeding Minds will nourish our communities and fuel our youth to lead our future.