Feeding Tampa Bay is now directly serving Manatee County

For 35 years, Feeding Tampa Bay has been the backbone of hunger-relief across the Tampa Bay area. Serving 10 counties in West Central Florida, we provide meals to 700,000 food insecure individuals in our territory.

For years we have served our hungry neighbors in Manatee County through partner organizations, and now we will assume the role of Manatee County’s primary direct distributor of food. Beginning July 1, we assumed management of all food relief efforts in the county, including the acquisition and distribution of food with existing agency partners and food donors. Sharing our resources directly with these agency partners will strengthen the local distribution process. Similar transitions in Pinellas, Pasco and Polk counties have increased food distribution efficiencies, improved delivery times, and incrementally grown the food supply. Specifically, in Pinellas and Pasco counties for the last two years, Feeding Tampa Bay has increased the amount of food delivered to hungry families in those communities by 30 percent. Feeding Tampa Bay will ensure Manatee County’s hunger-relief needs are met and that no child, family, or senior will go hungry.

Feeding Tampa Bay’s past success in food relief in its other counties has proven to be effective, setting the stage for improved relief efforts in Manatee County. Our organization continues to grow its capacity and the capacity of our network, ultimately offering innovative solutions to a long-term food insecurity issue. Our delivery model, agency empowered retail program, hub drops, retail drops, and mobile pantries all allow more food to get to the tables of those we serve. By strengthening our network and increasing the efficiencies of our processes, we can take another step towards our main goal – no one goes hungry.