Feeding Tampa Bay is prepared to take care of our community throughout hurricane season

Hurricane season is in effect and Feeding Tampa Bay is prepared to take care of our community. Before Hurricane Irma struck last year, we developed a proactive approach to manage the effects of the storm. Carefully tracking the path of the storm, we were able to determine the areas in our service territory that would be impacted by the hurricane and arrange for pre-packing of emergency relief boxes full of ready-to-eat meals and water. Immediately following Irma’s strike, we were able to deploy our disaster relief plan without hesitation.

Our efforts were funded by generous donors from all over the country wishing to aid those in harms way. Donations to our mobile pantry program allowed us to expand our relief efforts to account for the influx of food insecure individuals following the storm. 700,000 individuals in Tampa Bay struggle with hunger on a daily basis, but unexpected natural disasters increase that number.

While the effects of Hurricane Irma are long forgotten by most, some still struggle with the effects of the disaster almost a year later. With the help of our partners, like the Major League Baseball Players Trust, we have been able sustain our disaster relief efforts into this hurricane season.

Last year we stepped up when our community needed us, and this year Feeding Tampa Bay is prepared to do the same.