July 22: Epic Chef – Week 2

Are you a fan of Top Chef, cooking, or competitions? Then get ready for Week 2 of the Epic Chef Showdown! Chef Alex Hoaks from Oxford Exchange will face off against Chef Alan Garcia from Parkshore Grill to prepare the best dish.

Epic Chef Showdown was created to bring the community together to not only enjoy the camaraderie and food from our local top restaurants, but to also take part in something much larger that is happening around us every single day. Hunger is a serious and severe issue in our area — affecting one in seven adults and one in four children. These are our neighbors, coworkers, veterans, and friends who need our help.

Come celebrate our local culinary talent, delicious food and lasting partnerships, but more importantly, join us to help our community in need.

Tickets will be released the Thursday before the competition at 10am each week. Purchase tickets.

Sold out? Download the Identity app on Roku, Apple TV, or your smart phone to catch the live stream.