Keep the Love Rollin’

After volunteering at a community food bank in Atlanta, Kendall Robinson learned the struggles some face with both food and hygiene. One man shared his story with her, saying that he had to make one roll of toilet paper last an entire month. Touched by his story, she created Love Rolls Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting and distributing toilet paper to the homeless or those in need. Toilet paper is not a commonly donated item at food banks, and one that is always in demand. In just two short years, Kendall has managed to distribute over 70,000 rolls of toilet paper to the community.

This year, Feeding Tampa Bay was honored to be a part of Kendall’s distribution effort in Tampa. She raised over 8,000 rolls of toilet paper for this event. She donated 5,000 of these rolls to Feeding Tampa Bay to be distributed to our network of partner agencies, and an additional 3,000 rolls were distributed at the Trinity Cafe this past weekend. Feeding Tampa Bay is thankful for the donation from Love Rolls and is proud to support Kendall in her mission. Keep on rollin’!