Let’s start talking about senior hunger

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Senior hunger is a significant issue in the Tampa Bay area with nearly 150,000 of seniors struggling with access to healthy meals. This issue, often hidden in the shadows of shame and fear, was highlighted at the Elder Hunger Dinner hosted by a collective group of organizations whose missions are to ensure seniors in the Tampa Bay area have the resources they need to live stronger, healthier lives. The dinner generated nearly 100 attendees, including Rep. Kathy Castor and the Director of Food Security for the AARP Foundation, Kimberly Perry.

The goal of the Elder Hunger Dinner was to raise awareness and support for the issue here in our community where 1 in 7 adults struggle with food insecurity. The issue of hunger among seniors is even more critical because of the direct linkage between access to food and health. Seniors who face food insecurity are often left to choose between paying for food or medicine, a sacrifice they cannot afford to make as both help sustain or build their health. The Elder Hunger Dinner brought collaboration to life in a setting where strong community partners come together to create a stronger community.