Because no one
should go hungry.

Member Application Procedures

1. Each agency/faith-based organization must complete a membership application form. This form contains basic information on the agency/faith-based organization- its organization’s food distribution or feeding program, storage facilities, special requirements and funding sources.

2. Each agency must provide the Food Bank with a copy of the Internal Revenue Service letter of determination stating that the agency is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) or equivalent and a copy of their Florida State Tax Exception form. Each agency must enclose with the application a sponsorship letter if the agency is functioning under the auspices of an incorporated umbrella organization.

3. Each agency must complete the membership agreement form acknowledging that the agency will abide by the Food Bank’s policies and operational requirements.

4. Each agency must complete the consent and release agreement, releasing the Food Bank and its original donor from all responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of the food provided.

5. Each agency must consent to a system of share maintenance contributions.

6. Each agency must provide a list of their Board of Directors.

7. Once the entire application packet has been completed, the appropriate tax-exemption documents have been provided and the $60.00 application fee has been received, a Food Bank representative will contact you to set up an on-site inspection to verify that the information provided is accurate. This visit also gives the Food Bank representative the opportunity to answer any questions regarding the Food Bank’s services and requirements. If the site inspection is acceptable and the food bank staff determines the agency is eligible for membership, they will schedule a time to provide Safe Food Handling and online order training.

8. Member agency/faith-based organization may begin receiving food on a regularly scheduled basis once the agency account is created and the online training and Servsafe certificate is obtained. Hereafter, there will be an annual membership fee of $25.00, which will be charged to your account automatically.