Publix Super Market Charities donates 12 Trailers to Feeding Tampa Bay


For years, Publix has donated time, money, and food to Feeding Tampa Bay, the largest hunger relief organization in Tampa Bay. This year, Publix Super Market Charities has expanded its support of this long-time partner to include a donation of 12 trailers. The trailers will be used to strengthen the distribution of Feeding Tampa Bay and its 500 agency partners across its 10-county radius. Each trailer is temperature controlled, creating additional storage space for perishable foods and bringing fresh, nutritious meals to the hungry neighbors in the Tampa Bay area.

“Our partners at Publix support our mission on the front lines and behind the scenes,” says Thomas Mantz, Executive Director of Feeding Tampa Bay. “With 1 in 7 adults and 1 in 4 children facing hunger in their daily lives, we need all hands on deck to tackle this issue. Publix not only provides food to donate to these families, but it also provides the infrastructure necessary to increase our distribution capabilities.”

This increase in capacity will allow Feeding Tampa Bay and its network to increase the health of the families in our community by bringing more fresh fruits and vegetables to the table. Over the past year, Feeding Tampa Bay has distributed 7,808,719 pounds of fresh produce, and with the help of Publix, this number is only expected to grow this year.

The health of our community is made stronger when everyone has access to food. To ensure everyone has access to food, Feeding Tampa Bay must make sure its agency partners have the necessary resources to make this happen. Transportation of food and produce is just as important as the produce itself. Together, Feeding Tampa Bay and Publix Supermarkets will nourish our community.

Learn how the refrigerated trailers will impact the distribution of our community partners:

Here why Publix believes this donation is important to the food-relief network in Tampa Bay: