Senior Meal Delivery Service

Senior members of the Peterborough Apartment community lack access to a stable food supply. In hopes of bringing healthy, nutritious meals to these individuals, Feeding Tampa Bay and volunteers delivered boxes of food to their community.

This is the impact of the meal delivery program:

“The residents were very happy with the food that they received. There are many times that our seniors do not have enough to eat because of their low incomes, doctor bills, medicines, etc. And often times they do not eat nutritious foods. Your program has helped them to have several good nutritious meals.

Though I know that it was a lot of work, it made a difference in the lives of our seniors. Some of the residents told me that they made tomato sauce with the tomatoes. Others made stuffed peppers with the meat and peppers they were given. Others made nice salads with the produce and some cooked their whole chickens and shared them with their neighbors. Not only did they enjoy the food, but they also enjoyed the company of the volunteers. Being able to socialize with people outside of our Peterborough community has helped them to connect with those in our St. Pete community and realize that people in the community care about them.

I heard from many of the residents about how wonderful all of the volunteers were. They said that the volunteers were so helpful, happy and kind. They told me that they all had smiles on their faces and kind words for the residents.

Many of them are already asking when you will be back.

This has truly been a wonderful experience for our seniors. We are so thankful for all that Feeding Tampa Bay and the volunteers have done for our Peterborough Community. I commend you all for the wonderful work you do and for a job well done!”

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