Because no one
should go hungry.

shop to give

  • Amazon Smile – Sign up and choose Feeding Tampa Bay as your benefitting charity!

  • Southeastern Grocer – Purchase a loaf of bread and SEG will donate $.05 to Feeding Tampa Bay!

  • Imagine license plate – For every $25 license plate purchased, Feeding Tampa Bay will be able to donate 250 meals to the community!!

  • Harness – Incorporate giving into your daily routine by donating your spare change. Register your card, make some purchases, and donate to the fight against hunger.

  • So Fresh – Eat at any Tampa So Fresh location (Downtown, South Tampa, or USF) in 2018 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Feeding Tampa Bay!

  • Eat Right – Whether you meal prep for a specific diet (like paleo, ketogenic, or high protein) or just need help planning your meals, try Eat Right. For every meal sold through Eat Right, a meal is donated to Feeding Tampa Bay.

  • Soulgani – A portion of every purchase of Second Soul leggings is donated to Feeding Tampa Bay.