What you didn’t know about Epic Chef


In case you missed it, the Epic Chef Showdown concluded Monday, August 21st. Chef Colin Reinsmith from Noble Crust fought his way through three rounds of steep competition to become Tampa Bay’s next Epic Chef.

For those of you who don’t know, Epic Chef is a 7-week cooking competition that pits some of Tampa Bay’s top chefs head to head to create tasteful concoctions in 30 minutes or less. Chefs are required to prepare 2 dishes each week out of 2 mystery ingredients that are revealed before the start of each round. Mystery ingredients – ranging from Kraft Mac n Cheese to bratwurst to pizza dough and artichokes – may not traditionally go together, adding an extra element of challenge to the competition. At the end of each round, the judges taste the dishes the chefs have prepared and select a winner. Many come to compete, but only 1 can make it to the top.

On the surface, Epic Chef seems like a regular cooking competition. What you don’t know, is that its purpose is to do more than bring together foodies from around the area – it is to start the conversation about hunger in our community. In Tampa Bay, 700,000 individuals go to bed hungry every day. The majority of these individuals work full-time jobs or have multiple jobs, but are still unable to make ends meet. It’s time we break the stigma surrounding hunger and fight to make sure every plate is full, because no one should go hungry.

Join the fight and become a hunger hero today!

Special thanks to the participating restaurants/chefs and gracious sponsors who helped make this event possible.


Epic Chef