10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Feeding Tampa Bay’s Family Night


Spending time with family is important – it builds relationships, character, and memories – but what if you could add another element to that? What if there was an activity that upheld all of these elements of quality time AND allowed you to give back to the community? Insert: Family Night at Feeding Tampa Bay.

Family Night invites children of all ages to the Feeding Tampa Bay warehouse to learn about hunger, how it affects our community, and how they can help alleviate it. If you haven’t been to a Family Night event, here’s 10 reasons why you should register your family for our next event:

  1. 1. Learn how you can help the 700,000 food insecure individuals in our community (of which 250,000 are children).

  2. 2. Plant seeds to learn about gardening, paint pictures or write cards to clients, decorate food, or even play games. Activities vary each month to bring new elements of fun to your family.

  3. 3. Enjoy snacks like subs, fruits, veggies, and chips.

  4. 4. Capture your memories and enjoy photo booth fun!

  5. 5. Raffle prizes! Prizes vary from backpacks full of new school supplies to tickets to a Ray’s game, and everything in between

  6. 6. Exercise! Sorting in our warehouse burns calories and builds muscles. Not to mention, it’s the perfect way for children to burn some energy before bedtime!

  7. 7. Meet other like-minded families that value the importance of altruism and are passionate about fighting hunger.

  8. 8. Provide around 10,000 meals for the food insecure community in just 1 night!

  9. 9. Feel good about giving back to your community.

  10. 10. It’s not your typical Friday night!