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Don’t Take Your Thanksgiving Meal for Granted

A Letter from Bill Goede, Tampa Bay President, Bank of America

It’s only a few days before Thanksgiving, so it’s a safe bet that most of us are thinking a lot about our big meals. How are we going to brine the turkey this year? Should we serve canned or fresh cranberries? Exactly how late is the grocery store open on Wednesday?

But a question you may not have asked yourselves is, “Will there be a meal at all?”

More than 700,000 adults and children in West Central Florida are wondering that right now, and it won’t be for the first time this year.

Working families are finding it harder to keep up with the rising costs of food, transportation, housing and reliable childcare, putting a burden on their already strained budgets. Many straddle the line between working-poor and homeless.

Feeding Tampa Bay, which works with 500 partner agencies to provide food to the hungry throughout the Tampa Bay area, is working hard to fix these critical problems. The nonprofit has even doubled the amount of food delivered into the community over the last three years – from 20 million to 40 million meals.

However, their work is not complete. The reality is that there are still many individuals and families in our community who struggle to find food and face the difficult choice between a meal and paying bills.

Bank of America supports hunger relief as part of our broader commitment to connect people with the resources they need to thrive. Food security is a fundamental first step toward economic mobility and empowerment, which is why, for the fifth consecutive year, we are partnering with Feeding Tampa Bay to support the Give A Meal program.

Through the Give A Meal program, Bank of America will triple every dollar donated. Now through the end of the year, a $10 donation will provide 300 meals for those in need.

To donate to Give A Meal, click here. Even if you can’t donate, sharing the Give A Meal link via Twitter or Facebook helps raise awareness about the more than 700,000 struggling with hunger in our community.

Let’s make sure that Tampa Bay families don’t have to make painful choices between food and other basic necessities. Their success impacts our community’s ability to thrive, and we all have an opportunity to help ensure that families in need are connected to resources that will put them on a path towards success.