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Apps for your Smartphone

Many digital resources exist to make our lives easier. Download these apps to your smartphone today!

john-van-hengel FoodKeeper
Discover the best way to store food and beverages to keep them fresh longer.

Publix Community Market

Feeding Tampa Bay’s on-site food pantry allows you to pick up a box of fresh produce and other perishable items, free of charge.

As food donations continue to fluctuate, please know that different items will be available at different times. Unfortunately, during this time we cannot guarantee specific food items, quantities, or categories. Our team continues to source whatever food we can and we are doing our best to provide a well-rounded box/bag of food for you and your family.

Appointments are required to shop in the Publix Community Market. Call 813.254.1190 today to schedule your appointment. Shoppers will be allotted one appointment per month.

Questions? Please contact V Kelley at