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With hundreds of thousands of food-insecure people living in Tampa Bay, the University of South Florida and Feeding Tampa Bay formed the Hunger Action Alliance (HAA), a strategic partnership dedicated to finding solutions to this complex problem.

Over time, various other organizations have joined the alliance. Together, we are working to transform the hunger conversation by utilizing research and education to facilitate a system of continuous improvements that will lead to a healthier Tampa Bay.


Utilizing the life course perspective the HAA has completed multiple studies focusing on the social determinants and mental, physical, and social health consequences of food insecure individuals across their lifespan.


Summer Backpack
Meals for Minds


Food Insecurity and Age of Menarche
Teen Food Insecurity in Pinellas County, FL



Mobile Pantry Evaluation
Wellcare Mobile Pantry
Last Mile
Farm to Fork
Fresh Initiatives Supply Hub Program Evaluation (FISH)


Factors Affecting Health Among Older Adults


Drawing on the research, the HAA has presented its findings to a variety of audiences. This publicity has raised public awareness about the diverse faces of food insecurity and its economic, health, and social costs.

Interested in the research of the alliance? Explore its recent publications, media coverage, and conference presentations.


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In February 2018 the Hunger Action Alliance hosted a Backpack Summit for individuals, funders, and nonprofits addressing food insecurity through the use of school backpacks and in 2019, the Alliance held a summit focusing on the issue of child hunger by speaking about School Food Pantries.

For more information about the summit, please contact our Health Educator: Karen Diaz Serrano at kdiazserrano@feedingtampabay.org.