Our Annual Partners

Committed to building a better tomorrow, Ashton Woods, parent company of Starlight Homes, was moved to act this past year when the pandemic struck. After surviving the housing crisis in 2008, Ashton Woods understands the importance of community support in trying times. Paying their good fortune forward, Ashton Woods committed to funding food banks across the country to ensure those hit hardest by the pandemic had access to the food and resources they need – a major gift for the millions of Americans who rely on these resources to make tomorrow possible.

Ashton Woods / Starlight Homes

The Golden Rule sits at the heart of FrankCrum’s professional work day in and day out, and shines through in their community efforts year round. As an organization passionate about every human’s right to basic needs like food, FrankCrum has been a key supporter of Trinity Cafe from the start. The FrankCrum team volunteers at this charitable restaurant and holds an annual golf tournament to support this free dining service for our less fortunate neighbors – bringing over 1M meals to the Tampa Bay community since the early days of the Cafe.


Connection is at the core of Jabil’s values – connecting our world digitally through technology and personally through community outreach. Leveraging their focus of connection, Jabil Cares partners with Feeding America food banks across the nation to align their volunteer efforts with the needs of the communities they serve. Locally, the Jabil team volunteers at our warehouse and at mobile pantries throughout the year, bringing fresh groceries to 1M+ families in our area.


From urgent medical needs to ongoing care to preventative treatments, BayCare exists to serve our community. Knowing that a healthy community first begins with proper nutrition, BayCare will lead the charge in bringing nutrition education to patients across Tampa Bay. An expansion of their medical services to a kiosk adjacent our on-site pantry, will also bring expert healthcare to shoppers facing chronic food-related illness. Together, we will address and alleviate root causes of certain health issues brought on by hunger and poor diet, creating a healthier community.


When budgets are tight, people cut different items out of their budget to make ends meet – unfortunately, food tends to be one of the first budgets to shrink. Individuals may cut their portions in half or water down ingredients to make meals last longer. While helpful in theory, these practices lower the nutritional content of food and can lead to health problems. Committed to building healthier futures for all individuals, our annual partners at Amazon support our food sourcing programs to bring healthy foods to those who need them most.


1 in every 4 children in Tampa Bay struggle with hunger, but thanks to the support of our annual partners at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we can work to expand our child programs. Through partnerships with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, we bring healthy snacks and afternoon meals to children enrolled in academic and athletic activities after school. Together we can work to bring healthy foods to nearly 200,000 food insecure children across Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bank of America is dedicated to nationwide community development across and that’s no different here in our backyard. Our local Bank of America branches are committed to building stronger communities by addressing the root issues that prevent progress – like hunger. Over 600,000 individuals across West Central Florida face hunger every day, and nearly one-sixth of these individuals reside in Polk County. Our Annual Partners at Bank of America are evolving this community by sponsoring mobile pantries throughout this area and bringing healthy food to those in need.

Bank of America

The hunger landscape is changing and the manner in which individuals find food is evolving. Families in need of food assistance often face constraints on time, money, and transportation too. Opening food pantries in locations easily accessible to these individuals, like schools, is paramount. With hopes of evolving food pantry accessibility, our annual partners at the Tampa Bay Rays offer their support to our Feeding Minds School Pantry program. The ability to shop for groceries while picking up children from school helps diminish constraints and bring healthy foods to the whole family.

Tampa Bay Rays

Wawa focuses on building happier, stronger communities across the United States. Strong communities arise when all basic needs, like food, are met. With food deserts prevalent across Tampa Bay, Wawa has committed to supporting programs like Mobile Pantries and My Mobile Market. These programs bring fresh, healthy foods directly into low-income neighborhoods that do not have easy access to grocery stores. Nutritious foods promote healthy lifestyles and energize our community to prosper.


As the world’s largest food distributor, Sysco understands that food on the table is more than a meal. Food is not only one of our most basic needs, but it also stimulates conversation, introduces culture, creativity, and flavor to our palates, and bonds us together in a shared experience. Food is at the forefront of our mission and an integral part of our signature fundraising events like Fork Fight and Epic Chef. Without the food and monetary donations we receive from annual partners like, Sysco, we would not be able to feed the hundreds of thousands of food insecure individuals in our area.