The 5th Annual Epic Chef Showdown

Epic Chef Showdown will pit the area’s top restaurants against each other in a friendly cooking competition. In each round, the two competing chefs will receive a mystery box of ingredients that are not commonly prepared together, and will be challenged to create two dishes that are unique, aesthetically pleasing, and of course delicious, under the pressure of the clock. When time is up, the chefs will present their prepared dishes to the judges to be critiqued and scored. At the close of the round, one of the chefs will be eliminated, and the winning chef moves on to the next round.

July 15: Chef Ryan Cternastek from Ichicoro Imoto vs. Chef Angel Castillo from Red Mesa Restaurant
July 22: Chef Alex Hoaks from Oxford Exchange vs. Chef Alan Garcia from Parkshore Grill
July 29: Chef Wayne Mather from Mise En Place vs. Chef Allan Armstrong from The Mill
August 5: Chef Danny Autrey from Noble Crust vs. Chef Arturo Rojas from Rooster and the Till
August 12: winning Chefs from Weeks 1 + 2
August 19: winning Chefs from Weeks 3 + 4
August 29: winning Chefs from Weeks 5 + 6

Tickets will be released Thursday at 10am each week. Purchase tickets.

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