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Nutritious foods are key to a healthy diet. Groceries on the Go aims to break barriers that prevent healthy eating – like time, accessibility, and cost. By bringing the grocery store to your door, Feeding Tampa Bay makes it easier to stock up on fresh produce and whole foods and cook meals for the whole family to enjoy. Purchase your groceries today to have a healthier tomorrow. Now accepting credit or debit via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, EBT and Fresh Access Bucks.

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Items & Pricing

Though product on the truck may change based on availability, the items below give an idea of the types of product and estimated pricing of our inventory.

Canned Fruits & Vegetables

Includes items like applesauce, canned beans, canned corn, and mandarin oranges. Prices range from $.50 to $1.10 per can.


Includes items like rice, pasta, cereal, and oatmeal. Prices range from $.50 to $1.75 per box/bag.


Includes items like canned tuna, chicken sausage, and peanut butter. Prices range from $.60 to $1.35 per can/jar.

Sauces, Soups & Spreads

Includes items like pasta sauce, grape jelly, and cream of chicken soup. Prices range from $.30 to $1.80 per can/jar.


Includes items like garlic powder and italian seasoning. Prices range from $.20 to $.55 per container.

Fresh Produce

Includes seasonal fruits and vegetables. Pricing to be determined based on product available.

Use SNAP benefits to purchase your pantry staples

Groceries on the Go accepts SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps). Use your card to purchase groceries for your family.

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Double your Produce Purchase with Fresh Access Bucks

Shop with SNAP/EBT or P-EBT and receive Fresh Access Bucks. These bucks will double the amount of locally grown produce you take home - for free!

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