Because no one
should go hungry.


What is SNAP? Every donation you make helps get more food on the tables of the 700,000 hungry families, kids and seniors in the Tampa Bay region. And with each dollar you give, Feeding Tampa Bay can help provide 10 full meals. Learn more about how we’re feeding our community.

Learn more: USDA | HungerNet

Interested in SNAP application assistance? Applying for SNAP can be tricky, but we’re here to help! Our SNAP outreach staff are trained in screening individuals for SNAP eligibility and assisting individuals through the application process. Complete the form below to set up an appointment with our Community Outreach staff.

Volunteers Needed. Looking for a different way to volunteer? Sign up to become a SNAP Assistant Skilled Volunteer! Learn how to walk individuals through the SNAP application process and gain access to benefit assistance programs.

Questions? Please contact our SNAP team at