77-year-old Diane Mayle proudly shows off pictures of her twin grandsons at the first chance she gets, expertly scrolling through photos on her phone. Diane is cheerful, bubbly, and would be the first to admit she doesn’t mind being the center of attention now and again. After being around her for just a few minutes, it’s easy to see that Diane is a ray of sunshine for all those around her. What might be harder to spot is that she also struggles with hunger.

Diane is living on a fixed income of only $700 per month after retiring from her career in in-home care. “After I pay my rent, electricity, and other bills, what’s left?” she said. “You know, not much for food.” Thanks to the funds she receives through SNAP and visiting her local food pantry, Diane is able to obtain nutritious foods and even has enough to cook dinner for her two grandsons when they visit!

Diane shows us how SNAP can add more money to your monthly budget and allow you to purchase the nutritious food items required to lead an active and sustainable future. See if you qualify today, apply now! For additional information about Feeding Tampa Bay and the resources, we offer please click here.