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Find answers to commonly asked questions here. Don't see your question? Please send us an email at

Is any paperwork required to get food from a pantry?

While the majority of our distributions do not require paperwork to receive food, some do. Paperwork is required for distributions that provide food from government programs. This information is used to determine how much food our area will receive through future government programs. Any information or paperwork our food pantry partners gather may differ by site. Similarly, paperwork is requested at some of our FTB distributions in hopes of understanding the impact of our services and may look more like a survey. This paperwork is used to alter our operations and better serve you.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with what is being asked or would like clarification on use of information, please do not hesitate to ask for a staff member or volunteer in charge at any pantry.

I don’t have a car. Can I still get food from a drive-thru mobile distribution?

Yes. While our drive-thru distribution model is preferred at this time to protect the health of all involved, walk-ups are welcome. Please wear a mask if you are able to and observe social distancing whenever possible.

There isn’t a distribution or a food pantry near me and I do not have a car. How do I get help?

If there isn’t an easily accessible pantry near you, many of our food pantry partners may still be able to assist. If you reach out to us, we may be able to connect you with agencies in your area who can arrange for home delivery in extenuating circumstances or who may offer SNAP applications. Applying for SNAP may expand your grocery budget and help you access food benefits in your area.

Are distributions still held in the event of rain?

Our distributions will take place rain or shine, as long as it is safe for our staff, volunteers and guests. Any cancellations, delays or closures due to weather will be noted on our website or through social media.

How do I find out if the day or time of a distribution is changed?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our distribution schedule can sometimes change last minute. Check the schedule daily to ensure operations are running as planned, or sign up for our texting service to be the first to know about these changes. Text FTBFYI to 833-530-3663.

I’m at the distribution site and don’t see a Feeding Tampa Bay truck. What should I do?

Feeding Tampa Bay trucks are not present at all distributions. If you are unable to locate the distribution, please call our offices at 813-254-1190 and we will be happy to help.

I have food allergies or medically confirmed dietary restrictions. Can I still get food from the distributions?

Yes. Though some of our donated items are pre-packed, most of our distributions have additional stand-alone items that you can forego if they do not meet your dietary restrictions. Feeding Tampa Bay staff, volunteers, and partners will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions whenever possible.

I received too much food at a distribution. Can I donate it back to the food bank?

We understand sometimes boxes contain more food than you can get through in a week. Please feel free to share with neighbors or family, or bring it to your local food pantry.

I received more food last week than I did this week. What changed?

As food donations continue to fluctuate, please know that different items will be available at different times. Unfortunately, during this time we cannot guarantee specific food items, quantities, or categories. Our team continues to source whatever food we can and we are doing our best to provide a well-rounded box/bag of food for you and your family.


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