Because no one
should go hungry.


Bringing the Store to Your Door

My Mobile Market is a “pop-up style market/mobile grocery store” that brings nutritious foods (both fresh and shelf stable) to areas that are underserved and impacted by barriers like food costs, mobility, transportation and language. My Mobile Market is a collaboration between Feeding Tampa Bay and Goodwill-Suncoast that takes job training, food distribution, and the creation of healthy communities to a new level.

My Mobile Market was made possible through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay “big idea” grant, awarded to innovative, collaborative projects that addressed basic needs such as hunger and housing. Additional funders of My Mobile Market include the 100 Hearts Foundation and Dale Dunham, GISP.

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Are you in need of food? Access the schedule to find out if My Mobile Market will be in your neighborhood.

Addressing Key Issues in the Community



Access to quality foods is a consistent struggle for individuals and families who face hunger. Transportation is often a challenge or they simply live in areas where it is difficult to find affordable or good-quality fresh food (also known as food deserts). MMM brings the food directly into these neighborhoods and targets locations that the individuals regularly visit (community centers, libraries, schools, etc) to break the barrier of accessibility.



Families who live on an already strained budget will stretch every dollar they have when it comes to purchasing food. Being able to afford quality food is out of the question. MMM brings a combination of free produce and low-cost staple foods – peanut butter, cereal, tuna, etc. – at an affordable cost well below retail price.



Hunger is an issue that goes far beyond food and, in fact, causes severe chronic health issues. On a limited budget, the most affordable foods are often the least healthy. MMM creates an avenue to provide produce and other nutritious staple foods to individuals in need to increase the overall health of the community.



MMM also offers a much needed job training opportunity for our Goodwill partners – where clients are learning job skills, citizenship, and the joy of giving back to others.