Our Leadership

Thomas Mantz - "When we lift another to their highest potential, we've served our greatest purpose.”

Thomas Mantz

President and CEO
Kelley Sims - "Creating awareness and support for solving the issue of hunger drives me every day.”

Kelley Sims

Chief Development Officer
Matt Spence - "Supporting Feeding Tampa Bay means having an opportunity to help people around us.”

Matt Spence

Chief Programs Officer
Rhonda Gindlesperger - "I want to make sure people have connection, support and fulfillment in their lives.”

Rhonda Gindlesperger

Chief Operations Officer
Jayci Peters - "We are fueling potential, inside and out.”

Jayci Peters

Chief Communications & Culture Officer
Kathy Whetsell - "Every day we give back to our community, and it's rewarding to inspire hope for people who may not otherwise have it.”

Kathy Whetsell

Chief Administrative Officer
Ryan McClure - "Feeding Tampa Bay's mission personally resonates with me, and it is enriching to support families going through food insecurity.”

Ryan McClure

Chief Financial Officer