Uplifting Our Community Each Day

ForkLifters is an incredible community composed of generous, passionate, and committed donors on a mission to end hunger in Tampa Bay. Through monthly donations of all sizes, people like you from more than 10 states, show the change we can make when we stand together.

Become a ForkLifter

Community | Commitment | Change.

These are not passive monthly donations. ForkLifters are connected to each other, invested in our mission and eager to share the impact.

(33¢ per day)

Feed a local child for one month. That's 30 days a child can just focus on being a kid.

(82¢ per day)

Provide weekly dinner for a family of 4. That's hours of quality time spent around the table together.

($1.64 per day)

Provides healthy meals to seniors in our community. That’s one year of healthy meal options and the potential of less doctor visits.

($3.29 per day)

Provides a full grocery cart of nutritious food each month. That’s one year of healthy groceries for families in need.

The Importance of Being a ForkLifter

If you have any questions about ForkLifters or would like additional information, please reach out to our Development Coordinator, Jessica Butehorn, at JButehorn@FeedingTampaBay.org.