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Cooking for a Cause

Nothing brings us together more than enjoying a meal around the table. It’s where communities come together, important conversations happen, laughter ensues and lasting memories are made. Each year, we take a moment to celebrate local chefs who tirelessly give their time and effort to provide these moments for us.

Epic Chef Kick Off Reception July 15 @ Causeway Center

Epic Chef Kick Off Reception

Join us as we kick off Feeding Tampa Bay’s annual Epic Chef 2024 competition series with a flavorful evening, full of good fun and mingling with fellow food enthusiasts and renowned local chefs. Don’t miss out on this incredible event as tickets are selling fast!

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Week 1 Matchup

Join us as Chef Guillermo Quezada from Rooster & the Till battles Chef JLW Chau from Stovall House battle to see who is the best chef as their dishes are judged on 3 key elements: flavor, creativity, and presentation.

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Week 2 Matchup

Join us as Chef Ehinar Cruz from The Tides Market takes on Chef Moesha Collymore from Predalina to see who is the best chef as their dishes are judged on 3 key elements: flavor, creativity, and presentation.

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Week 3 Matchup

Don't miss out as our winners from round 1 and round 2 compete in a final showdown for the ultimate crown as our Epic Chef of 2024!

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LIVE at The Epicurean Theatre

Join us at the Epicurean Theatre to watch our local elite chefs in action. The heat rises in the kitchen as our chefs receive a mystery box of ingredients that are not commonly prepared together, and are challenged to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing, and delicious dish under the pressure of the clock. As you watch in anticipation, your taste buds will be awakened and your participation will play a part in something much larger happening in our area...the reality that so many do not know where their next meal will come from.

Currently, one in six adults are facing food insecurity, and one in four children go to bed hungry. Our celebration of top chefs, familiar eateries and amazing partnerships, will also draw much needed awareness and support of the mission to end hunger in Tampa Bay.

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Enjoy all the action of this year's Epic Chef LIVE on MOR-TV as we will be live streaming all the action every Monday!

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Alongside the Epicurean Hotel, our local partners fuel Epic Chef and raise awareness of hunger across Tampa Bay.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about Epic Chef and how to attend, please contact Jessica Butehorn at jbutehorn@feedingtampabay.org

How to Become A Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring Epic Chef 2024, please reach out to Jeannette Rodriguez at jrodriguez@feedingtampabay.org

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