It may take a village to raise a barn, but Rob Rozmeski, founder of construction contracting outfit the Zackary Group, did much more than that with far fewer people. Rob knows how incredibly essential it is to have support from your community of loved ones during hard times, and knows maybe better than anyone how important it is to have a roof for those loved ones to thrive under. So when he agreed to bring our dream of a Feeding Pinellas Empowerment Center in the Lealman/Kenneth City area to life, we were overjoyed -- and the result has been astonishing. Tune in to hear how Rob was called to give back to his community, through the skills he acquired growing a small business into a mighty one.
Then stick around to hear from FTB's own weather/handy man, Jim Carpenter, who has been holding our operation together with his own two hands for the better part of a decade. He explains how FTB acts as a first responder to cities all over the East coast of the country, and how our experience with hurricane aftermath prepared us to contend with the overwhelming need created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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