General Mills is the company that produces many of your most favorite, most iconic cereals -- but they're also responsible for TONS of other beloved breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods that you can find in any grocery store. On today's episode we're grateful to have Scott Nevitt (Sr. Customer Mgr.) and Katie Fenech (Brand Experience Asst. Mgr.) join us to marvel at the lifelong impact foods like breakfast cereal have on each and every one of us. This year alone General Mills helped us collect over 2 MILLION meals worth of food during our annual Cereal for Summer campaign. Tune in to learn about all the foods in your fridge that you didn't even know came from General Mills, and stick around to meet Kathryn Burch from our news partner 10 Tampa Bay! Kathryn has been helping FTB spread the word about food relief for years, and she shares with us the importance of that message to her and to her media team.

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