What happens when a father of 7 breaks his back on the job, and is unable to continue working, while the cost of rent and groceries rises all over the country? He leans on the support of community, family, and maybe even a furry new friend who can pull him out of the depths of despair. Meet David Brown, one of the brave, big-hearted guests who has visited the partner pantries of Feeding Tampa Bay. On today's episode he shares the story of how he unexpectedly found himself out of work, the journey that put him on through places he never thought he'd be in, and the inspiring people he met along the way.

This is also our first FULLY VISUAL episode! Watch David, Shannon, and Ev share laughs and learning on YouTube by visiting youtube.com/feedingtampabay -- and look out for more inspiring content on social media by searching @FeedingTampaBay on your favorite platform.