Retail and Large Food Donations

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What you need to know

Fighting food waste across Tampa Bay

Our Tampa Bay food bank works together with retailers, manufacturers, farmers, and distributors to combat food waste and ensure that nourishing meals reach the 1M+ residents in our area who need them most. We recycle 1.6 million meals each week by redirecting excess fresh, shelf-stable and prepared food away from landfills, reducing food waste and feeding our community.

Retail and Large Food Donations

Feeding tampa bay Publix truck

Retail Food Donations

Retail stores interested in coordinating a donation pickup can reach out to our Procurement team at or 813-254-1190 ext 360. Your store’s involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of many!

Large cereal donation

Large Food Donations

Whether you operate a distribution center, retail chain, warehouse, manufacturing facility, or farm, your food donations can help us continue our vital work. For those looking to make large-scale contributions or coordinate drop-offs / pick-ups, please get in touch with our Procurement team at or 813-254-1190 ext 360.

Donation Logistics and Team Contacts

4702 Transport Drive, Building 6
Tampa, FL 33605

Pete Lenhardt

Director of Food Acquisition

Chris Brewer

Procurement Relationship Manager

Tim Hackett

Procurement Coordinator

Benefits of becoming a food donor partner

Brand Reputation +
Supporting local food banks allows your business to actively engage with and give back to the community where you operate.
Food Waste +
Donating surplus or unsellable food items reduces food waste in your business, benefits the environment, and shows sustainability.
Tax Benefits +
Food donations to qualified charitable organizations result in tax incentives and deductions for your business.
Corporate Social Responsibility +
Demonstrating CSR aligns with the values of many consumers and can enhance your company's image and reputation.
Market Trends +
Consumer preferences are increasingly shifting toward socially responsible and sustainable businesses.
Food insecurity +
Directly address the issue of food insecurity in your community, which is prominent across the Tampa Bay area.
Graphic stating inventory donations can lower business taxable income
Graphic stating 10 counties served in west central florida

Hosted a food drive? Collected canned goods? Cleaned out your pantry?

Food donation box

Your contribution, no matter how large or small, can have a ripple effect and bring hope to those who need it most. See how you can start a food drive or find out how to donate food, by visiting our Food Drive page. Together, we have the power to nourish our community and ensure that everyone has a seat at the table.

Food Drive donations

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