12-year-old Julio already has his future planned out. He wants to be a police officer so that he can "save people and defeat crime." Every Wednesday, Julio and his family visit his school’s food pantry. Julio's dad works full-time on a nearby farm, but the family's budget doesn't always leave room for healthy foods. Through the Feeding Minds School pantry, Julio has access to food like fruits and vegetables that his family does not always have access to based on their monthly food budget.

"It feels good to have food like this to be healthy and strong." With the food Julio takes home from his school food pantry, he will be able to have the energy to grow and make his dream job a reality.

Your involvement makes a difference - giving goods through a food drive allows us to supply an entire family with the food resources they need to nourish their bodies and thrive. Begin your fundraiser or donate food now to help support families like Julio's!