It’s important to distinguish when you need help and when you have the ability to help others. Meet Terri, a champion author. A singer. A scholar. A college graduate with two master’s degrees. A woman who is hungry.

Originally from Philadelphia, Terri moved to Florida after her mother, who she was caring for, passed away. She left with the promise of a job -but it fell through. After multiple job opportunities fell through, Terri was left with very little savings and found herself in an unfamiliar position. “I never thought of myself as someone who needed to visit a food pantry,” she said. “But not knowing if you’re going to eat is probably the worst feeling I’ve ever dealt with.” So, Terri visited the food pantry at Woodland Community Church, a partner of Feeding Tampa Bay. At the pantry, Terri got the food she needed to help stabilize her life and focus on finding a job – which she did. Terri is busy getting back on her feet. In addition to her new job, she’s writing an autobiography, singing at her church, and volunteering at Woodland Community Church.

Terri shows us that food makes tomorrow possible. Taking 3-4 hours out of your afternoon to volunteer might not seem like a big deal to you, but to our neighbors who struggle with hunger - it can be life-changing! Join us for a volunteer shift today and give the gift of helping a neighbor in need.