Happy New Year! As we restart with a fresh 365 days, we often try to set new resolutions, goals, or lists to help us live our best lives and be our best selves. But what does it mean to live your best life? 

First, you must identify what you want your life to encompass. Do you want to go to college? What career path excites you... maybe the military, working in the trades, or climbing the corporate ladder! Do you envision a pet or family in your best life? Where will you go on vacation? Where will you live? Who do you spend your free time with, and what motivates you to live a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle? For most, the perfect life contains many of the aspects listed above but differs in structure and timeframe.

Lifehack gives us 13 keys to living your best life and how to align your goals with your daily priorities! 

Identify What Matters Most to You
Practice Being Present
Savor the Moment
Listen and Have Empathy
Learn to Flow
Hit the Reset Button (Often)
Be Self-Aware
Comfort Yourself
Do What You Love
Develop Routines and Positive Habits
Commit to Your Connections
Move Your Body
Spend Time in Nature

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