August is here which means National Make-A-Will Month (MAWM) is in full swing. This month is the perfect opportunity to take control of your future and what you WILL accomplish when you complete your estate plan. Having a well-crafted plan in place ensures a way for:

● Security. Creating your will allows you to communicate important financial and healthcare decisions, so you and your loved ones are prepared for whatever the future may hold.

● Peace of mind. A will allows you to provide for the people and causes you love, so they’re always supported.

● Impact. By including an optional planned gift in your will, you can continue to change lives through a hunger-free Tampa Bay.

Feeding Tampa Bay partners with services like FreeWill that allow you to make or update your will in just 20 minutes, free of charge. A will is not only a plan for the future, but a part of your legacy.

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” -Pericles

With FreeWill, you have the option to make impact a part of your legacy but setting aside funds for a charity of your choice. Making a charitable gift a part of your legacy creates a ripple effect that will:

  • Establish a solid foundation to protect the people and causes that hold a special place in your heart
  • Retain control over your assets and important decisions
  • Play a pivotal role in the future of organizations like Feeding Tampa Bay

Take charge of your future this month: make a plan, bring peace of mind to your loved ones, and create a lasting impact for your community. 

Learn more about how to craft your will or find other ways you can make an impact.