Building A Future Where Anything Is Possible

Rising prices. Skyrocketing rent. Increased grocery costs. It seems adversity is all around us; the path to prosperity increasingly elusive. Compounding pressures after years of struggle, our neighbors feel this now, more than ever. 

Feeding Tampa Bay is here to help. Recognizing the obstacles that plague our community, we know our services must expand. Our net of support must cast wider and spread deeper than ever before; only then will we be able to create meaningful change and uncover the future of possibilities that sit in front of us. 

Over the past year, we have focused on turning the impossible to possible, breaking ground on our first-ever owned facility - the Causeway Center. Measuring 215,000 square feet, the Causeway Center is the largest social services project to exist in our region, more than doubling our capacity for food storage and processing, diversifying our volunteer engagement opportunities, and expanding our programs beyond our normal scope. The Causeway Center will serve as a beacon of hope for our neighbors and a hub of opportunity for our community. 

Our hope for our new facility is to create a place where food access is without barriers, holistic health is top of mind, community partners convene resources to create optimal outcomes, and advocates rally together to increase the quality of life for all. 

When access to food is no longer a barrier, communities thrive. Developing inventive solutions require challenges to be perceived as opportunities. If transportation is an issue, we deliver food to the community; if time is of the essence, we place a food pantry inside a school to create a one-stop-shop; and if food assistance forms are complicated to complete, we offer assistance to help navigate the process. 

When nutrition is at the forefront, health soars. Knowing that a healthy life begins with nutritious meals, we can lay the foundation for sustainable well-being. Our programs are designed to nourish health and capability because when people have access to community, nutrition and healthcare, they can shift from surviving to flourishing.

When collaboration ensues, stronger solutions are built. It takes all of us to uplift our community and create transformational change. Whether providing, giving, or receiving support, our network holds valuable insights on what it takes to achieve a better outcome. Embracing our role as a facilitator, convener, and connector, we can improve the experience of all who are in our care.

When we exercise empathy, we challenge systems to be human-centered. We take into account the unique situations and circumstances individuals face and pave a pathway to greater possibilities. Keeping humans at the center of what we do reminds us to provide solutions that preserve dignity for all. 

By embracing innovation, building strong partnerships, and advocating for change, we will continue to break down systematic barriers and work towards a world where all are welcome, all are cared for and all have a future.