Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can create an increased need for resources in a community. Feeding Tampa Bay and our Disaster Readiness team are FEMA trained and prepared to handle disaster situations. As part of the Hillsborough County EOC, we work directly with local emergency management operations to provide food, water, and hygiene items during crisis situations. If Tampa Bay faces a disaster, we will have the resources and communication plan in place to concentrate on helping victims of the storm across the 10 counties we serve – as well as to Feeding America and Feeding Florida food banks nationwide and statewide.

If you are willing and able to volunteer in times of crisis, become a part of our emergency response volunteer team.

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Prepare for hurricane season.

Although weather patterns are ever-changing, it is important to be prepared for any impact of hurricanes threatening Florida. Stock up on shelf-stable food and water to weather any storm.

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Food Safety Tips

As Floridians, hurricane prep is yearly task. Get your family disaster ready by collecting shelf stable and ready-to-eat foods, tracking how to safely store food during a power outage, and preparing to-dos for once a storm has passed.

Food Safety Throughout a Storm

Find help if a storm strikes.

If a storm strikes, check our Find Food page for resources on emergency food distributions. Individuals and families in need of food assistance can call us at 813.254.1190 with any questions.

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Ways You Can Help

After a natural disaster, the need for emergency food increases. Food and monetary donations help the food bank provide increased assistance to all those in need when disaster strikes.