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FRESHforce is BACK!

Feeding Tampa Bay recognizes that it takes more than food to fight hunger. We employ a model that focuses not only on food for today, but also food for tomorrow, and eventually food for a lifetime. Programs like FRESHforce help connect you to job training opportunities, rejoin the workforce, and provide a pathway to self-sustainability.

Benefits of FRESHforce program

FRESHforce is now a Licensed Certification Program with the Florida Department of Education. With a vetted curriculum and state-approved teachings, confidently invest your time in your future. Here are some benefits of the FRESHforce program.

  • Learn life skills, financial literacy, technology, and customer service practices
  • Gain hands-on experience while learning technical skills
  • Obtain certifications needed to enter the job force
  • Connect with employers in your field
  • Earn a stipend while you learn
  • Receive a State licensed graduation certificate

Ongoing training programs

FRESHforce currently offers courses across 2 different industries: warehouse logistics and truck driving. Learn more about what they offer below.

FRESHforce warehouse trainees

Distribution & Operations Training

Gain the operational skills needed to obtain a job in warehouse logistics. In this 10-week program, you will learn how to operate forklifts, how to act safely in a warehouse, how to navigate supply chain logistics and quality control for an organization, and more!

FRESHforce truck driving trainee

Truck Driving

Perfect the skills needed to drive a Class B truck. In this 10-week program, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience driving Class B CDL trucks, sit for your Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL), learn how to operate electric pallet jacks, and more!

Seasonal Barista Training program powered by Starbucks

FRESHforce Barista Training with Starbucks in Pasco

During this week-long training program, learn the barista basics – like the origins of coffee, different types of roasts, espressos, teas, and more! Gain the skills and customer service training you need to thrive in the barista field.

Must be 18 years or older to apply.

No scheduled classes at this time.

Become a partner of FRESHforce

If you have questions about the program or are interested in becoming a FRESHforce partner, please contact us at 813-254-1190.

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