Prospective Agencies

Feeding Tampa Bay has limited ability to bring on additional partners at this time. However, we do encourage your agency to submit an interest form below should any future opportunities arise.

Community Partnership Interest

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Feeding Tampa Bay to fight hunger in our community! Feeding Tampa Bay works to alleviate hunger in the Tampa Bay area by collecting donations of wholesome but unsalable food items and distributing these donations to community partners that connect with our neighbors in need. Currently Feeding Tampa Bay works with over 400 local charity and food pantry partners in West Central Florida, providing food relief to hundreds of thousands of food insecure people across ten counties. 

Feeding Tampa Bay currently has limited ability to bring on additional partners at this time. However, we do encourage your agency to submit an interest form should any future opportunities arise in bringing on additional partners. Please read through the information below to learn more about some of Feeding Tampa Bay’s Community Partner Program requirements. If you feel your agency has the components listed below and are interested in a partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay, please fill out the interest form through the web link below. Please do not reach out to the Feeding Tampa Bay staff as interest forms are assessed based upon availability of programs and food resources. A Neighborhood Partnership Coordinator team member will reach out to your agency if there is availability in your area. 

Filling out the interest form is not a guarantee that your agency will be a partner of Feeding Tampa Bay. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support and we hope to be able to partner with you in the future.

Below you can find some of the criteria used to determine partnership based upon availability. 

  • The agency must be incorporated for the purpose of serving the needy, ill, and/or children.
  • The agency must have a 501(c)(3) and a FL State Tax Exempt Certificate.
  • Open to the community at a minimum once a week. 
  • Operates a pantry that provides choice to clients. 
  • The agency must acquire and maintain a minimum of two volunteers/team members who have active food safety certification.
  • Operate in a facility that has quarterly pest control provided by a licensed pest control company. 
  • The agency must not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious beliefs, age, handicaps, national origin, sex or sexual orientation, political affiliation, or veteran’s status.
  • The agency must not sell food, charge clients for meals, or solicit contributions from clients. Nor may it use food obtained from FTB in exchange for other goods or services.The agency must not require attendance to religious services or religious proselytizing in order for a client to receive food.
  • Adequate capacity to safely store fresh and frozen foods. 
  • Comply with health and sanitation standards in accordance with the Department of Health.
  • Operating budget to be able to sustain their pantry and membership fees associated with being a partner of Feeding Tampa Bay. The agency can expect some of the following expenses: annual membership fee, staffing, transportation, professional pest control, photocopying of forms, cleaning supplies, thermometers, cooling blankets and storage containers.
  • Adequate staff and/or volunteers to ensure the successful running of the food pantry.
  • Reliable and consistent transportation for picking up food. 
  • The agency must keep accurate and up-to-date records accounting for all aspects of the food program.
  • Share the values of Feeding Tampa Bay in treating all with dignity and respect. 
  • Access to technology for communication and reporting needs. 
  • Willingness to provide or connect clients to additional services beyond food distribution. 

At this time, we are looking for partners who are interested in assisting with signing up our food insecure neighbors for SNAP benefits and/or providing home delivery to neighbors in need. If your agency is interested in learning more about assisting with signing neighbors in need for SNAP or home delivery, please indicate your interest on the Partnership Interest Form. For more information about SNAP, please visit

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