Sunday football isn’t complete without a plethora of chips, dips, wings, and various smoked meats - but if you’re looking for a healthy side dish, try your hand at corn! Corn provides whole-grain benefits, aids in digestion, and preserves eye health; not to mention, it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. BONUS: corn is in season, meaning its fresher, more plentiful, and less costly than other options!

Here are 3 easy recipes to try this fall:

1. Fresh Corn Salsa

Enjoy with chips as a dip or use it as a side dish with the rest of your meal!

2. Mexican Street Corn

This dish serves as the perfect compliment to any grilled protein - add a green, leafy salad and dinner is served!

3. Corn Fritters

Serve with a sour cream or yogurt dipping sauce and you’ve got a quick, healthy appetizer!

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