For many, the orange wheat stalk of Feeding Tampa Bay is a sign of hope. A sign that their fridge will be filled and their pantry stocked. A comforting symbol that indicates they will be able to put a nutritious meal on the family table. What most don’t know, however, is how we make it happen - and who helps.

In the best way, Feeding Tampa Bay is a product of our community because of the sacrifice of our neighbors. Whether it is time, treasure, or talent, Feeding Tampa Bay is able to impact our community through the dedicated support of individuals investing in our work.

The vast majority of Feeding Tampa Bay’s revenue comes from local businesses and individuals who support through checks, join our monthly or online giving programs. We do, however, also receive support from the government. Federal, state and local funds support our work. We are a true public-private partnership.

Federal programs bring food and funds into our community. Through TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) we are able to provide healthy food to our neighbors. Through after school and summer food programs funded by federal and state government, we are able to bring nutritious meals to children who otherwise would not have access. We help our neighbors sign up for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) dollars so that they can shop with dignity and bring high quality food home to fuel their families. Local governments across our territory support mobile food distributions, meals at Trinity Cafe, and the infrastructure we need to have in place in order to make it all happen.

In emergencies, our government streamlines processes, funds emergency response efforts, and releases additional food and water for those in our community affected by the disaster.

Food relief is a team effort and all the players matter. Alongside community volunteers, individual donors, business partners, and public entities, our team is meeting food insecurity head on and living into our name by Feeding Tampa Bay.


By Matt Spence