The New Year often means new beginnings, new opportunities, a fresh start! But for some of our neighbors, it’s harder to begin the year with a clean slate. After all, hunger doesn’t disappear once the clock strikes midnight and the calendar hits January 1st. Rather, it’s ever-present. And it can be exacerbated by the financial and emotional pressures of the holiday season. 

During the holidays, hunger looks like a father spending his last paycheck on gifts to put under the Christmas tree. It looks like a child going hungry because school is closed for winter break and they don’t have access to free or reduced lunch. It looks like a mother skipping meals so that her kids have bigger portions on their plates at dinnertime. 

This is the harsh reality for many families, and the negative effects of food insecurity often roll over into the new year. 

Which is why we’d love your help year-round and especially now! Do you want to make ending hunger part of your New Year’s resolution list? Then here are a few ways you can work with Feeding Tampa Bay to make that a reality: 


We’re always in need of volunteers at Feeding Tampa Bay. Whether you sort through inventory at our warehouse, serve meals at Trinity Cafe, or hand out boxes of groceries at a mobile pantry event, every action counts. You can even join our emergency response volunteer team to provide relief in crisis situations. Just one hour of your time generates exponential meals for neighbors in need. 

Check out our volunteer opportunities calendar here! 

Give Food

Donate non-perishables or even start your own virtual food drive! Virtual drives are quick and easy to set up if you lack the storage or equipment necessary for a traditional food drive. Plus they’re a great way to bring awareness about food insecurity to your friends and family. The online donations you collect through your drive make it easier for us to more quickly supply people with food.

Here’s how you can access our food drive tool kit! 

For more information about starting or donating to a virtual food drive, click here

Become a ForkLifter 

Hunger persists 365 days a year. You can help us fight it by making a lasting impact through monthly donations of any size. 

Check out how to become a ForkLifter today!

Spread the word

Your voice is powerful. You can use it to raise awareness about food insecurity and be a catalyst for change. Help us inspire action today by speaking out! It’s as easy as starting a conversation at the dinner table or sharing one of our posts on social media. Similarly, you can join one of our affinity groups and be a part of hunger advocacy and education movements. Every effort you make to raise your voice, no matter how small, helps. 

If you’re interested in using social media to show your support, check out this toolkit to get started.