Ending hunger requires more than just food - it requires access to resources and necessities that can set individuals up for self-sustainable futures. We take a holistic approach to hunger to help our neighbors find not only the food they need today, but the tools they need to help them build a brighter future.

Hunger across Tampa Bay is more prevalent than you think - especially in food deserts, or areas where access to fresh, nutritious foods are not easily accessible. In food deserts, grocery stores are not close by or walkable, and transportation is harder to come by. We bring mobile food distributions to these areas to increase access to produce, meats, and other pantry staples.

I never thought of myself as someone who needed to visit a food pantry,” she said. “But not knowing if you’re going to eat is probably the worst feeling I’ve ever dealt with. -Terri

Each month, our team runs over 50 mobile food distributions across our counties to help families like Terri’s fill their pantries.

Similarly, our network of over 400 food pantry partners help nearly 1 million neighbors like Julia find food for their families each week.

Julia knows when it’s Wednesday. “Because on Wednesdays, my kids are all like, ‘when are we going to visit the pantry, mom?’ They get really excited about it.” -Julia

Whether we deliver semi-trucks full of groceries to our pantries, or they collect pallets of excess food from our local retail partners, they are set up to provide groceries to all in need across our 10 county service territory.

On the other hand, sometimes a hot meal is what’s needed most. Neighbors like Jennifer know love through the generosity of nearby churches and Trinity Cafe, where she visits 6 days a week for a warm nourishing meal.

We are all grateful for the food we receive from here. -Jennifer

Our 3 Trinity Cafe locations serve hundreds of families warm, nutritious, chef-prepared meals daily - providing access to not only food, but also community and conversation.

All Trinity Cafe sites also house members of our community engagement team who can provide information and assistance in applying for SNAP and other financial food-related programs. As Diane explains, sometimes financial struggles perpetuate hunger.

After I pay my rent, electricity and other bills, what’s left?” she said. “You know, not much for food.” -Diane

Our team is ready to help educate our guests about the types of assistance available to them and navigate applications for federal assistance. Allowances like SNAP add more money to budgets, allow households to buy the groceries they need, and empower those who are struggling. SNAP is beneficial in many ways and a stepping stone to financial freedom for many of our neighbors.

Just as SNAP lifts our neighbors to new heights, so does our FRESHforce program. FRESHforce provides job training and placement opportunities to individuals with barriers to the workforce.

When you’re feeling down every little bit helps. It's all about the H word, Hope.” -Joanne

FRESHforce consists of 3 educational tracks - culinary, CDL driving, and warehouse associate - where individuals can learn the ins and outs of each position, gain hands-on experience, complete certifications, and earn a stipend. Courses are 8 weeks long, culminating in a job fair and graduation.

All of these opportunities increase access for those struggling to make ends meet - access to food, access to financial resources, and access to futures unthought of. Increasing access unlocks opportunity and bridges the gap to basic needs. Stand with us this holiday season and help your community thrive.