At Feeding Tampa Bay, we know we’re just one actor in the fight to end hunger. One gear in a much larger, more complex machine. That’s why community stability is one of our organization’s core goals. Ending hunger – and building a more resilient Tampa Bay – is hard work. And it’s work that we can’t do alone.

It takes all of us.

A holistic approach to fighting hunger. Our community’s needs are constantly changing. By working with local social service agencies, we’re able to pinpoint what those needs are and assess how best and how quickly we can resolve them. Projects like our mobile food pantries, school pantries, and the FoodRx program have been successful because they’re designed to meet people where they’re at. They treat hunger as an issue of access rather than choice.

Our innovation is largely a product of collaboration with local community leaders and partner agencies who understand this. By working together, we’re aiming to take down those barriers. It takes a village, highlighting the partner agencies that help us achieve our goals:

Food for today. Food for tomorrow. Food for a lifetime. That’s Feeding Tampa Bay’s mission. But where do we get all of our food from?

Our dedicated food partners

Thanks to our retail partners and procurement teams, we’re able to help our neighbors put good, nutritious meals on the table. Retailers, manufacturers, farmers, and distributors provide us with produce, shelf-stable goods, and excess food that we can then give to smaller agencies or individual families at one of our distribution events.

These partners range from smaller local businesses, like Jones Potato Farm in Parrish, to large corporations and wholesalers. No matter how big or small they are, we’re grateful for all of their support.

Donor Partners

In the world of nonprofits, funding is key. And in our world, every dollar equals five meals for those in our coverage area. Our donor partners help make this possible. By not just monetary donations but also with non-perishable food donations that help our community.

Volunteer Partners

Volunteers are a necessary part of Feeding Tampa Bay’s daily functioning. Whether they’re sorting goods, distributing boxes of food, or serving meals at Trinity Cafe, they do a lot of the heavy lifting. We appreciate the work they put in to help our organization run smoothly. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, you can sign up here.

Going beyond food - FTB’s pathway to self-sufficiency

Feeding Tampa Bay recognizes that a thriving community is one that can foster each person’s sense of self-sustainability. After all, we know that it takes more than food to fight hunger. That’s why we started the FRESHforce program, which connects individuals to workforce development.

How you help us meet our goals

Our community is strong, but you help us make it even stronger. By dropping off essential non-perishables, hosting food drives, volunteering, donating, and learning about food insecurity, you’re helping us in the fight for a hunger-free Tampa Bay.

There’s still work to be done. But together, we can accomplish it.


By Hannah Himmelgreen